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Immense Dwelling

This new wave underground album transcends across genres to all music lovers, particularly those with a penchant for off the wall, distinctive alternative musical genre fusions. With an ethereal amorphous approach to his artistry, one cannot help but feel transported to another dimension when listening to Tomonori’s works.

© Austin Hazzard

The Creative

None of the elements that made the album come together were outsourced; that’s essential factor in being able to process and transmit the message of the tracks in the best light. It addresses issues such as the field of mental health crossroads, emasculation, unresolved issues and rediscovering the true self.


With a philosophical approach that conceptualises memories in abstract, in his own words:

“It reflects my vow to transform even negative karma into a mission,”

Unearthing the primal necessity to find closure within one’s personal experiences whether positive or otherwise, as well as an innate requirement to practice gratitude when coupled together creates a formidable set of harmony to showcase Tomonori’s musical endeavours.


The alternative, underground indie and art rock music scene is a haven for creative and musicians alike to listen to the musings of an unconventional artist.

Reflect and immerse in an album that is introspective and relatable. 

Self-produced and written album tailored for fellow creatives and listeners alike is proof of the dedication to his craft.


Join the tribe and be a part of the journey


(Zora Freifer)

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