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Tomonori is an up-and-coming alternative, indie, quirky pop artist, singer song-writer, composer, record producer known for his eclectic mix of musical genres. With an atypical entryway into music and having started playing the piano aged 7, the progression was typically chronological but not detracting in any way from its appeal. After joining the school jazz band playing the bass to further hone his skills and build up his musical confidence, Tomonori branched out further afield to write and produce songs.

Delving away from the mainstream music scene, the underground, alternative sound is peppered with retro synthetic riffs and evocative of gameplay soundbites and video game soundtracks inspired by a background in the technology and gaming industry. 


Tomonori delved into the complex world of music to convey his intricate web of emotions and spiritual apathy that could not be fulfilled within his career alone. 

Music turned out to be a guiding grace that allowed him to express his labyrinth of thoughts with a layered cognition, multiple dimensions and ambiguous meaning relative to the perspective of the individual listener. 

The story foretold in Tomonori’s latest album is poignant and told in excerpts through the different tracks. Steeped in personal history with an unresolved issue in regard to his parents as well as practicing gratitude, this album doesn’t seek approval, rather it is an outlet open to being defined from an outsider’s perspective and allowing them to draw their own conclusions while feeding their own emotion into it. 
Inspired by various artists, Tomonori holds Herbie Hancock in particularly high esteem, but also resonates with other musicians including Björk and Donald Fagen. He also cites St. Vincent, James Blake amongst others as some of his favourite artists and musicians.


(Zora Freifer)

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